Skype Portable

Skype Portable

Free VoIP calls anytime, anywhere


  • Easy to use
  • No installation required
  • Sharp videoconferencing mode
  • Lots of features to improve your chat experience
  • Great sound quality in voice calls
  • Support for embedded local video on target video


  • The new interface is huge


Skype Portable is the standalone version of the popular VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) program that allows you call and talk to other Skype users, video chat and more for free over the internet.

Just like its desktop counterpart, Skype Portable lets you have voice chats on your computer – like telephone, only for free – and also make real phone calls at much lower rates, using the so called SkypeOut service and paying with Skype credit. Besides voice chats, Skype Portable also includes the standard IM functionalities (written conversations, emoticons, user avatars and so on) and also lets you have group video conferences.

These video calls are precisely the main focus on Skype Portable's latest version. The program's interface has been completely redesigned with video conferences on mind. This means Skype Portable has been made wider so that video fits in perfectly with your written chat, your contact list and a toolbar to manage conversation. The new interface in Skype Portable is transformed when you make a call, getting rid of all the clutter, so you just see the video images, and controls.

The sound quality in Skype Portable during our testing was perfect: loud and clear. Video sometimes appeared a bit pixelated, but nothing we couldn't really deal with. There was also one nice detail, and that's the ability to see your own video image built-in on your contact's video, and the option to take a snapshot of your own image.

The other major development in Skype Portable is Facebook integration. This is a pretty big thing, as not only does it give you your news feed in the app - anyone can do that - but adds call and SMS buttons to any of your friends who share their contact numbers. If you’ve paid for Skype minutes, you can call your Facebook friends, and if they’re also signed in to Skype Portable you can call them for free. One of the best new features is the automatic call recovery - drop a call and it’s put in pause. Restarting it is now really easy.

Skype Portable is just like the desktop version: complete interface overhaul that now focuses more on video chats; some handy improvements to the way you communicate online and no installation required!

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Skype Portable


Skype Portable

User reviews about Skype Portable

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